Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Bahama Mama //

Island Fever...

I took a fun vacation with my best girlfriend to the amazing Bahama Islands!! I didn't really know what to expect before coming here, but man was I impressed!!
Everywhere you look there are colorful buildings, amazing beaches and crystal blue water as far as the eyes can see. The people here are all so friendly and helpful, obviously as a tourist you don't know your way around or where the "local" places to go, but we were lucky enough to get some great tips on the best places to go! Fun fact: There are over 300 islands in the Bahamas, and the cute little sign behind me indicates the directions of some of them.

One of my favorite tropical outfits to date is this colorful set from Berkeley Eleven. Again I can't seem to stop wearing this style of outfit, it just works perfectly with my body type and figure! I love being able to style the top in different ways by tying it in the front or back. The wrap skirt also is so fun to wear with an open slit in the front to make it easy to show a little leg ;)

You can shop this outfit HERE.

Photography: @champagneunicorns


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  1. I love this outfit's tropical style,
    and it looks so good on you!
    xx, Yolanda