Monday, June 19, 2017

Swim & Jewels //

Swim & Jewels...

I've always been a big fan of swim wear and all the amazing designs that are out there, one of my favorite brands to date is Soah Swim, with unique patterns and style there is a suit out there for everyone! Here I have 3 of my favorite summer pieces along wit some amazing jewelry to pair with it!
This first suit is a really great "cobalt" blue with impeccable front crochet detailing, along with a fun side tie so you can make it fit perfectly for any booty! This suit material was so comfortable and stayed really well so I wasn't worried at all about it rising up when I walked around. 
You can shop this suit HERE

This second dress is definitely one of the most comfortable wrap dresses I own! The silky feel and effortless flow of this dress makes it easy to wear everyday and never take off! You can wear this as a great cover-up or dress it up for a night out! I paired this dress with some great jewelry from Faith & Grace Jewelry to give it a fun "vacation" feel. I really love stacking dainty necklaces with great statement pieces so you can create new looks that no one else is wearing! These amazing mother of pearl & white turquoise necklaces were a great addition to this dress to make it really POP!
You can shop this dress HERE
You can shop these necklaces HERE

This two-piece bikini is also a great addition to your wardrobe (and much better for avoiding one-piece tan lines) so of course you have to have it also right?? This set had such a fun design and I really loved the arm cuffs that were attached to give a new look to the tube-top style! The thicker waste band was really flattering and hugged all the right places ;)
You can shop this suit HERE


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Flowers & Jumpsuits //

Flowers & Jumpsuits..

I'm a big sucker for a good jumpsuit, thanks to The Next Native I have the three most perfect outfits you will need for this summer! As you all know I love everything floral whether its all around me or on my clothes! 

This first jumpsuit has an amazing neckline that criss-crosses and ties behind the neck. I love a good open back outfit (I think backless is the only way to go these days) and with these wide-leg pants attached you really can't go wrong with this outfit! The second outfit you see here is a really fun and formfitting jumpsuit that ties in the front! I really love the contrasting black embroidery on the trim of the whole jumpsuit, gives it little flair and uniqueness! This third dress I decided to pair with a great little chestnut purse thats perfect for a day of running around! This light-weight dress is so comfortable and great for all the beach days and traveling I have to look forward to this summer!
Make sure to head on over to Next Native to get all your favorite summer outfits!

You can shop the criss-cross jumpsuit HERE
You can find the embroidered jumpsuit HERE
You can shop the white dress HERE
You can shop the purse HERE


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fern Weh Boheme //

Fern Weh Boheme...

Let the flower walls continue!! Anyone else noticing all the amazing flowers that are blooming everywhere?? I sure can't get enough of them and I mean they sure don't make pictures look too bad either ;)

I have also been loving all these colorful sets and dresses lately, I just can't seem to escape color! These two outfits from Fern Weh Boheme are so fun and flirty you will never want to take them off!
This first dress is so insanely comfortable with a beautiful open back and low neckline in front, it covers all the right places and makes you feel so sexy! I love the little ruffled edges to let you swing around and twirl while you walk!

This second outfit is actually a two-piece set, with a fun tropical pattern consisting of blues and greens. I love a good set (this way you don't have the fun romper issue when having to go to the bathroom) haha ladies you know what I mean! Sets are fun because you can even mix and match them with other fun patters or solids to create more than one look!

You can shop this dress HERE
You can shop this set HERE