Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lady Bag In The Jungle //

Lady Bag In The Jungle...

Ever since I could remember, I have wanted a Louis Vuitton purse, didn't everyone?? I would see women walking around with them on, wishing I would one day have one, well that day has finally come! I recently found this amazing online website called The Lady Bag that sells previously owned designer bags! 

I am a sucker for a good cross-body bag, but I was shocked to find that this one was double-sided!! With flaps on both sides of the bag and awesome shoulder protection on the strap, this purse hasn't left my arm since the day I got it! This bag also has an adjustable strap so you can change it for any height or desired length. This bag is also the original LV print, which I have always favored and think it will always remain a classic :)

 You can shop this bag and TONS more HERE.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stairway To The Jungle //

Jungle Stairways...

When driving around here in New Zealand, you see a lot of hidden paths and stairs that give it a little mystery. I especially loved this stairway surrounded by all the amazing plants and greenery!

What's an awesome staircase if you don't have a flowy dress to twirl around and look awesome in?!?! This amazing high-low black dress from Fortunate One Store does exactly that! This wrap dress has the perfect flattering neckline and gives an elegant look with the long drapery in the hemline.
You can shop this dress HERE.

I paired this dress with some of my favorite sandals from Verao Sandals. These sandals give any outfit a little bit of spice! I love that these sandals are simple and thin, with the leopard print on them, they gave my dress a really fun look! These sandals also have the cutest turquoise bottoms on them, so when you walk, people get a little surprise underneath!
You can shop these shoes HERE.

I decided to pair some simple earrings with this look to top it off, these crescent moon earrings from Sacred Adornments did just that! I love the detailing in this accessory, with the quartz crystal drop to create a more boho look and the moon/star pendant to bring it all to life!
You can shop these jewels HERE.

Photography: @blakeysmalls


Monday, March 13, 2017

Black Sand & Blue Skies //

Black Sand & Blue Skies...

One of the coolest things about New Zealand is their black sand beaches, although really amazing to see, sure does burn your feet when it's hot! The contrast of the turquoise water with the black sand truly is remarkable and something everyone needs to see!

I decided to make a statement in this epic outfit from Fortunate One Store, a boutique based in Australia. I paired this amazing black, lace body suit with a silky silver skirt to give it a little bit of edge and elegance. The body suit has embroidered lace and is very comfortable to wear. The silver skirt fit like a glove and moved in the wind and made me feel like a ballerina! 
You can shop this look HERE.

I styled this look with some of my favorite bangles and rings from Durrah Jewelry, a local jewelry designer in Los Angeles. I'm wearing an assortment of bangles with different metal colors and styles, these bracelets are so fun to wear all at the same time, stacked on both arms and go with any outfit!
I have a few rings on from this same collection, these open-ended rings, make for a unique look and are easy to stack with one another or wear with other rings! 
You can shop all these jewels HERE.

Photography: @blakeysmalls


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Towels All Over The World //

Towels All Over The World...

Towels are all the rage lately and are the best way to spice up any picnic or beach day. I was lucky enough to get to take these two Vagabond Beach babies all around Australia & New Zealand! With these two colorful and fun shaped towels my trip was more colorful than ever! 

The first round towel called "Elefante' Towel" has a beautiful elephant design with hints of green, red, and white to create this amazing pattern for a fun place to sit! I especially love this towel for how big it is, giving you room to spread out and share with friends! 

The second towel is the "Chakra Towel" with every color of the rainbow on this baby, you will feel all the good vibes and all the spiritual energy you could ever imagine! This towel is lightweight and easy to take just about anywhere, from the beach to the waterfalls, its meant to travel the world with you! 

Make sure to check out all the other amazing designs Vagabond Beach has to make your summer even better no matter where you are in the world!

Photography: @blakeysmalls