Sunday, March 5, 2017

Beach Days at Bateman's //

Beach Days at Bateman's Bay

The weather decided to take a turn on us towards the last half of my trip, so we spent the last sunny day back at the coast in Bateman's Bay, Australia. The water was clear as ever and the beaches were empty, just the way we like it! This beach actually had a lot of jellyfish all over the place and more white sand beaches to run around on. 

It was a pretty relaxing day in this little beach town, I wore the comfiest outfit from Rusty Sparrow Wear-ables. This little tank top is a stretch material that feels lighter than air, and keeps your "ladies" in place as well! I paired this top with a double-slit skirt that was equally as comfy! I tied a little knot in the front so I could run around and not worry about it tripping me (I'm the clumsiest person you will ever meet) 
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Now off to New Zealand!!

Photography: @blakeysmalls


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