Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stairway To The Jungle //

Jungle Stairways...

When driving around here in New Zealand, you see a lot of hidden paths and stairs that give it a little mystery. I especially loved this stairway surrounded by all the amazing plants and greenery!

What's an awesome staircase if you don't have a flowy dress to twirl around and look awesome in?!?! This amazing high-low black dress from Fortunate One Store does exactly that! This wrap dress has the perfect flattering neckline and gives an elegant look with the long drapery in the hemline.
You can shop this dress HERE.

I paired this dress with some of my favorite sandals from Verao Sandals. These sandals give any outfit a little bit of spice! I love that these sandals are simple and thin, with the leopard print on them, they gave my dress a really fun look! These sandals also have the cutest turquoise bottoms on them, so when you walk, people get a little surprise underneath!
You can shop these shoes HERE.

I decided to pair some simple earrings with this look to top it off, these crescent moon earrings from Sacred Adornments did just that! I love the detailing in this accessory, with the quartz crystal drop to create a more boho look and the moon/star pendant to bring it all to life!
You can shop these jewels HERE.

Photography: @blakeysmalls


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