Saturday, August 26, 2017

Swimming In Sauvage //

Swimming In Sauvage...

As you can see, our Mexico trip was basically us in the water majority of the day. Whether we were snorkeling, paddle boarding, or laying on the beach, you obviously need some swimsuits! I recently discovered Sauvage Swimwear, a very unique swimwear brand with some amazing pieces that will set you apart from everyone else at the beach!

This first little yellow bikini set isn' just your normal triangle style, it actually has the cutest little flower charm detailing in the front and sides of the suit! These flowers have a beautiful grey stone in the middle of it to make you feel super fab at the beach. This second suit I like to call "the Charles Angels suit" because you just feel like a bad ass in it! The front and side detailing makes it really comfortable and easy to swim around in and not have to worry about anything coming out (if you know what I mean) The fit of these suits are very true to size and were great for all the water activities we were doing! 

After long days in the water I had this great silk dress to slip into when we were running around town shopping and exploring! This dress was soooooooo comfortable and felt like I wasn't even wearing anything! It was so light and airy and had an adjustable neckline so it can fit almost anyone!

You can shop the yellow suit HERE
You can shop the black suit HERE
You can shop the dress HERE

Make sure to head over to Sauvage Swimwear to get all your summer looks!


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