Saturday, August 5, 2017

Esteemila Jewelry //

Esteemila Jewelry...

Ever since getting engaged (woo still can't believe it!) I have become quite the diamond enthusiast, I mean who wouldn't right?? It's true what they say, once you get a rock, you won't want to wear anything else!! Luckily I found Esteemila Jewelry, an amazing company that has the most beautiful and unique pieces in all metal types! Whether you are a white, rose, or yellow gold girl, Esteemila has whatever you need!

Some of my favorite pieces that you see here are all different but went perfectly together! In my ear you see two earrings, they are actually meant to go in separate ears and worn as "ear climbers" with fun dangles cascading down, I like to mix things up so I wore them in the same ear :)
I also paired a really great "everyday" ring that has two diamond bands with a cute little butterfly ring! I love both of these rings so much I haven't taken them off since opening them! The butterfly ring is great because it is adjustable so I can wear it on any finger! The double band ring is also great because it can be worn two different ways, one like you see here, with the diamonds showing. The other way you can wear it is on the flip side for a more simple and elegant look with only one band of diamonds. I paired both of these amazing rings with a fun hand chain to complete the whole look!

You can shop these earrings HERE
You can shop the butterfly ring HERE
You can shop the diamond ring HERE
You can shop the hand chain HERE

And remember girls, your Prince Charming is out there, just be patient and never settle, trust's worth the wait :)


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