Monday, July 3, 2017

Flexi Lexi Fitness //

If any of you have noticed, I have been on quite a fitness routine lately! I have been getting tons of emails and messages asking about my workout routine and diet, asking what my secrets are when it comes to getting in better shape. Everyone thinks there is some secret to getting healthier but the truth is, I stopped drinking alcohol and don't eat out anymore. You would be surprised how much your body and mind will change once you cut out alcohol and fast food! I started that "lifestyle" at the beginning of the year, you can call it my New Years resolutions if you want, but I still wasn't motivated to work out. I think a lot of us struggle with this problem, but I found that the reason was I didn't really have any guidance to what I should be doing everyday when it comes to fitness and diet. 
My fiancé, Blake is a certified personal trainer so of course I finally listened to his advice and started using him for his specialty! I'm not saying you need a personal trainer in order to get in shape and be healthy but it can really help guide you in order to do what is best for your personal body type!

Anyways!! Now that I am going to the gym and working out almost everyday, I was in desperate need of some amazing fitness gear, and thanks to Flexi Lexi Fitness I am always looking cute and comfortable no matter what I am doing! They so many cute bras, shorts, tops and pants for any type of fitness activity you prefer! I especially love the crop pants, they literally feel like you have nothing on, they fit to your body perfectly and are such a comfortable material that you can move and bend any which way!

I decided to "dress up" some of the pieces to show ways that I would wear them because lets be honest, we all wear workout pants and a top when we are running errands on our day off. I really loved this black wrap bra, it can double as a fun swim top for a beach day, or even some fun beach yoga! I also really loved the pants that tie up and made me feel like a ballerina, they were so comfortable and were really easy to do all my toga poses in :) Flexi Lexi has a huge range of fun colors and prints on all their designs to match all your workout needs! head over to their site HERE to check it out!



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