Friday, July 28, 2017

Keeping On Time //

Keeping On Time...

My fiance and I flew into Naples airport quite late for our first day in Europe. We ran around the airport picking up all 6 of our suitcases and made our way over to the car rental. It was already dark once we finally hit the road and it was an hour and a half drive to our first destination; the Amalfi Coast. We got into town and met up with a local whom owned the Air BnB we were renting for the 4 days we were staying. We went through town and it was such an incredible sight to see, it was 9PM and the streets were full of people of all ages, families, dogs, everyone was out and about talking and laughing and eating. We were so eager to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere that (after declining to pay for help with our luggage, only to find out we had to haul all 6 suitcases up 250 stairs) we unloaded everything and ran down into town. 

Once we got into town we found a nice little restaurant that was right on the main cobbled walkway through town. We ordered some pizza and then while we waited we decided to get gelato! We sat there, eating our delicious gelato and just people watched. It was the perfect first night. Since we had come into Amalfi when it was dark, we hadn't been able to see the view, so waking up the first day was an absolute treat. I looked over at my Paul Hewitt watch and noticed that it was almost sunrise. Blake and I got up and run over to our small balcony and what we were greeted with was spectacular. It was a delight for the senses and is one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. We were busy running around town while in Amalfi and thanks to Paul Hewitt we were able to always be on time and make sure we had time to enjoy the things that matter; the culture, the beautiful views, gelato and pizza.

Next we headed off to Positano, which is situated on the Amalfi Coast a small, but very scary and windy drive away from Amalfi. We were always able to make our check-in times thanks to Paul Hewitt watches and even made it to Positano early! I have never been anywhere more picturesque in my life. The view from the beach and from the cliffs surrounding is so incredible that no matter what angle you are look at, you are always seeing so much beauty. Positano was a little more crowded with tourists which meant we had to keep our Paul Hewitt watches on us at all times to be up early and always one step ahead of the crowd. We enjoyed spending time at the beach the most while staying in Positano and enjoying the pituresque views.

Finally we headed out to Rome. We were both so excited about Rome; ever since I was a little girl and thanks to the Lizzie McGuire movie, I have wanted to visit the Trevi Fountain! Thanks to Paul Hewitt watches we were able to get up early and be at the fountain when it was virtually empty! I got to live out my Lizzie McGuire dreams and toss a coin into the fountain with my fiancé and even got to get an incredible shot of us together with no one else in the photo.

Our trip all over Italy was the most incredible trip we have ever been on and we are already planning on going back. I am so happy that we were able to be on time with Paul Hewitt watches and able to see all the beauty of the places we visited without the crowds.

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