Wednesday, October 18, 2017

LA Green Goes To Portugal //

First stop, Portugal!!

The minute we started driving through Portugal we just fell in love!! We started our trip on the coast in Alvor & Lagos (both beautiful in their own ways) and found ourselves staying at the most amazing beach neighborhood, just steps from the most amazing beach with breathtaking views. First things first, it was time to explore! I grabbed three of my favorite outfits from LA GREEN and headed out.

I headed up to the rooftop in this amazing two piece set! I am a huge sucker for floral prints (as you might already know haha) but when you top that with a flowy skirt that just moves beautifully, you can't stop me from twirling and dancing. This outfit was perfect for running around town and living the beach life, with fun colors and the most comfortable fit, I didn't want to ever take this set off!

After almost giving Blake a heart attack, I stepped off the ledge and just HAD to go explore this amazing town! I put on this amazing velvet slip dress (every girl needs one of these in their wardrobe) and the cutest clogs and ventured out into the little neighborhood! With white walls for days and more flowers than any girl could ever want, this place was a dream! Wearing this little slip 
dress was the perfect outfit to look casual yet flirty all at the same time!

As the sun was starting to go down, we headed down to the beach to try to catch the first sunset (it's become a tradition actually) and I grabbed this beautiful yellow dress for the occasion. We happened upon an adorable couple eloping and gave us a little temptation to do the same haha! (don't worry we didn't elope) Then as we watched the sun go down on our first day in Portugal, I danced in the sand and enjoyed every minute of it's beauty!
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  1. Good afternoon,
    from spain, I love your natural beauty, you are very beautiful. I really like your
    hair waves. Could you tell me what curling iron you use and its size? Thank you
    very much

  2. Hey buddy! you share Portugal yellow dress ethnic wear style.I like so much these type of dresses specially for portugal.