Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lady In Red //

Lady In Red...

Ever wanted to wear a dress twice but not look the same?? Well guess what, this dress from Sololu is REVERSIBLE, so you can wear it more than once and no one will know :)
I always love a good solid colored dress that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion and this dress was perfect for just that! I have seen this style of dress all over, but Sololu thought outside the box and made it reversible so you can be bold in red or nice and simple in black, the choice is yours!! I went with the red side of the dress to make more of a statement today and happened to stumble upon these amazing red flower walls to make it really stand out.
This dress also has an amazing thigh-high slit to give you a little danger (and leg room to walk) which is always a plus! I also styled this dress up with some amazing jewelry from Sololu, layering tons of silver necklaces, rings and earrings I felt like a gypsy queen!

You can shop all jewelry HERE

Photography: @blakeysmalls



  1. You look so beautiful on this dress. This is absolutely the great choice cause of the comfort of the slit. Love how you wear it. And the bakcground of your photos is stunning.
    Anh /

  2. I love how you picture with the flowers,
    looking amazing !!
    xx, Yolanda