Monday, November 13, 2017

Peach Love In Europe //

Peach Love In Europe...

We are wrapping up our last European trip of the year and we had a blast! From Portugal to Paris I had this amazing brand Peach Love CA with me to keep me stylish! We had this magical balcony in Portugal that I felt like a princess on, and this amazing kimono was just a dream come true! You also can't go wrong with this amazing red velvet dress (hint hint perfect for the holidays). After a week in Portugal, we ended the trip in Paris! Paris will always have a special place in my heart, with the amazing architecture, cafe's on every corner, and museums to keep your mind wandering for hours on end! 
We got up before the sun everyday to see all the "Paris bucket list" places before they get flooded with tourists. Some of our favorite places to see were obviously The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, & Palais-de Royale. All of these places were a dream come true in person! I wore some of my favorite sweaters, kimonos, and jackets to be as Parisian as possible (kinda can't help it)
Paris is beautiful in so many ways and it always so different every time I go back!
All outfits are from Peach Love CA
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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fashion Pass //

Fashion Pass...

Every girl wants to have the latest clothes from the top designers, am I right?!?! Well I have recently discovered FashionPass, an amazing website that you can rent the latest pieces and not have to break the bank! With all my traveling lately, I decided to pick out three outfits that could fit my upcoming locations! From New York City, Los Angeles, all the way to Portugal, Fashion pass has everything you need to look your best on the go! 
This little black dress was just a dream, and I always love wearing the latest For Love & Lemons collections, so getting to wear this piece without having to pay the retail value is amazing! I love the little ruffled edges and clean lines of this dress, it reminded me of the New York City skyline and was perfect for the trip!
Next we were off to Europe, first stop was Portugal. This city was so colorful and vibrant, so I knew this Free People jumpsuit would be perfect for all the sightseeing and exploring I was going to do! You never can go wrong with a jumpsuit, it is so comfortable and easy to just throw on a pair of shoes and cute bag! I also have such a hard time finding a long enough jumpsuit and this one was just perfect!
After a few weeks of running around the world, it was so nice to come back to California and have the warm sunshine! The flowers are so beautiful this time of the year and this amazing Show Me Your Mumu set was perfect for a fun day in Malibu. I am such a sucker for a flower two-piece set, this super cute off the shoulder style top and layered skirt was such a perfect outfit! 
Being able to constantly rotate the clothes in your closet as much as you want, at an amazing discount is perfect for all you trendy babes out there!! Make sure to check out FashionPass and all the amazing brands they have! With FashionPass you get unlimited clothing rentals with just one monthly membership, try your first month for $29 using the code TRYFP29


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Hob Nob // Winter in Paris

Winter In Paris...

Finally getting to experience some colder weather here in Pairs, and man was I excited to finally wear some winter clothes! As always I turn to Hob Nob for some of my favorite travel pieces, my favorite of all time being this amazing coat! When running around Paris this time of the year the weather was changing everyday so I needed to stay on my toes! 
I was so inspired by the architecture in Paris as well as the amazing fashion all around me! I wore three of my favorite outfits from Hob Nob that everyone will need to add to their wardrobe this fall! This first jacket was so amazing and something I will never be able to live without! With an amazing color variation scattered all over, it literally went with any outfit I would wear! I loved that it was a shorter coat so it didn't feel so heavy to walk around in, but was still so warm and comfy. 
We walked around almost everyday (gotta work off all those croissants haha) so it was imperative that I had a classy romper to really fit in! This romper is what I like to call a "blazer romper" that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. One final outfit that I just can't ever deny is a two-piece set with a tie top! These are always so fun because you can wear the top so many ways, as well as wear each piece on their own or together!
Paris has changed me but also inspired some new fashion for my wardrobe that I can't wait to bring home with me!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Paris //


Almost a year later, I was heading back to one of my favorite cities, Paris. I had been once before, but this time was much, much different than the last. The leaves had just begun to fall, the air was crisper than we had experienced in a while but so refreshing and exciting to be in! First things first we had to head to the Eiffel Tower (at 5 am of course) and watch the sunrise over the horizon and enjoy this amazing view! 
I had brought along two of my favorite jumpsuits from Miss Circle that were perfect for all the Paris adventures we had in store! This first jumpsuit reminded me of the Eiffel Tower when it sparkles in the night sky and once the sun came up I sparkled just like I had imagined! This jumpsuit has an amazing open back and bell-bottom pants so it's perfect for feeling extra fabulous no matter what you are doing! This second jumpsuit made it easy to hop on a vespa and explore the city looking chic. I especially love the fringe detailing on the top to give an extra flare to a solid blue jumpsuit!
We ran around all day seeing all that Paris has to offer, eating wayyyy to many croissants and gelato, taking it all in and enjoying every minute of it!
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