Friday, August 19, 2016

Traveling Across Germany //

Germany was our second stop on the European adventure! We started off on the eastern side in Bonn, staying with some college friends who showed us around some of the most beautiful churches and views. We spent our days exploring, shooting and getting to know the cities around us. One morning we decided to take advantage of the amazing house we were staying at and shot this beautiful Elcy Clothing lingerie. After a few days of relaxing, we walked up to a vineyard close by, surrounded with stone walls that are straight out of a fairytale! I wore a tan silk romper from Princess Polly Boutique as well as Jay.Nicole necklaces. On one of our daily walks to the subway, we noticed this little hidden garden, full of green trees and tall grass. I grabbed a colorful wrap dress from Le Salty Label that looked magical coming out of the green garden!

Our last day in the eastern part of Germany, we went to Cologne! This town is known for one big tourist attraction, The Dom, a beautiful cathedral with some of the most breathtaking architecture you will ever see! I wore a fun dress from Princess Polly Boutique that I thought fit the theme perfectly! I twirled around the cathedral and fountain just like I had always dreamed of doing.

The next morning, we packed up the rental car, and headed to Berlin! We had been told nothing but good things about this city, it was full of culture, art and so much to do! We stayed in an amazing room 4 floors up, with a view we obviously had to take advantage of :) The first morning I wore an EastnWestLabel bra, paired with a sequin skirt from Princess Polly, and of course a lace choker by Jay.Nicole Jewelry.

We spent the rest of our time here exploring nature, finding little vegan breakfast places, and shooting of course! In one of the pretty walkways I wore a purple dress from Dreamers & Drifters as I explored the many paths leading to our next location. We then found an amazing piece of history, The Dem Deutsche Volke, where I wore a blue dress from Stevie Sister, we enjoyed a fun bubble show, and some really interesting tourists!

Our last day in Germany, I received a random note on the front door..someone was trying to deliver flowers to me, but I had no clue who!! Soon to find out, my amazingly thoughtful boyfriend had surprised me with them! I of course had to take some photos with them! I wore a pink velvet dress from Princess Polly Boutique, as well as a blue romper from Princess Polly Boutique, and jewels from Jay.Nicole Jewelry.

We are very blessed this trip, with amazing people who opened their homes to us, took time out of their days to show us around, and made our experience in Germany one we will never forget! 

All photography by Champagne Victoria

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